S, it’s SiS

Ten more minutes to midnight. I am charging my laptop battery now and wondering which pillow to bring to the Marina Barrage tomorrow: not too big as that will be cumbersome, not the ones I like lest I dirty them… Yes, largely inane thoughts.

I had planned to sleep earlier today so that I have more zzz currency in my sleep bank but well, obviously didn’t go as planned. Looks like I’ll need to go on credit tomorrow. Don’t we ever learn?

There must be a certain something about sleep deprivation. Right now, there is another 24hr competition taking place at Tangs: http://www.tangs.com.sg/blogathon/ That one’s even more extreme as it is under prying eyes.

Surely, it’s Sleepless in Singapore this weekend.

Shing Shian

Participant, Saturday, 18 July 12:08AM


One response to “S, it’s SiS

  1. Gosh you are so right, am experiencing sleep debt now lol! 😛

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