Marina Barrage Snapshots Part 1

Hi everybody!

I hope you had enough rest for the past 2 days after the competition ended, it must be tough squeezing your creative juices for 24 hours and having very little sleep. Did you have fun? I sure did 🙂 It’s great meeting new people and getting hyped up about the event, running around and feeling the adrenaline rush during the process and upon completion of this project.

If you’d like to share pictures and messages regarding this year’s competition, please email me at – this blog will serve as another platform to communicate between all of us.

Anyway, snapshots below (Courtesy of Berny Tan) for your viewing!

Project Coordinator


One response to “Marina Barrage Snapshots Part 1

  1. Am pretty sure there will be more pics floating around, probably in Facebook albums somewhere! 😛

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