Things I’ve Learnt in the 24 Hour Playwriting Competition

1. Don’t put so many things in your bag. You think you superman, can carry so many things ah? In the end spare clothes also never use, what. Then bag so heavy only got one jacket – how to survive aircon?

2. Go with buddy. Even if you got no friend right, find friends to go enter with you. Must make sure they are siao siao like you, so can give each other tips and inspiration.

3. Make friends. You think you got only one friend very tuah is it? Want to form gang must have at least 10 people lor. Aiya, other people also can support and encourage you what, but must make sure they slaughter chicken and perform the brotherly rites first.

4. No need to go supermarket and buy snacks. Got people like Soo Mei (thank you ah), confirm get free food one. Even if the place ulu ulu you also won’t starve one, because got organizer look after you mah. Then again hor, you pay $35 must be worth it lah.

5. Take pictures! Walk around and see everything, don’t recluse. Later got inspiration one. I confirm chop guarantee you.

6. Treat the place like your home. Can wear slippers around or those very kiam chai short shorts nobody also care. As long as you not cold can already. Wear contact lens also no use because later very hard to take out then you take out also bang into wall. Wear nerdy thick thick specs la! Nobody say anything, what.

7. When you submit play ah, check if you follow the stimuli properly. Don’t geh kiang anyhow add things to save your play. You not Shakespeare, so don’t try to act smart. They give you stimuli for reason okay!

8. And at the end hor, if you think your play is like shit and the most salah one of all, is okay. Still got next year, what. Really. That guy queueing up behind you? His play very lousy one lah!. Anyway, at least you got try, better than never finish, what.

This entry is entitled, “Things I’ve Learnt in the 24 Hour Playwriting Comepetition,” ( to be read in the most Ah Beng/Ah Lian/Auntie  way possible.)

After entering the competition, I found that I was more Singaporean than I’d ever imagined. It highlights the little idiosyncrasies I possess, and how I am just a very Singlish Singaporean at the heart of it all. It chronicles what I experienced during the competition, and was inspired by my friend, Aik Wee. This note is also dedicated to Chris, who went with me and inspired me along the way.

– Shi Min


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